I would imagine that every writer has a different point of inspiration. That one thing that conjures up possible story lines and characters that sends them running to the computer to get it down before the moment is lost. Fingers pounding away at the keyboard as the excitement of ideas race through their visual cortex.

We’ve all been there and love revisiting that moment as much as we can. But what spurs such creative juices to flow so intently? What triggers our imaginations in such a way that an amazing idea gets realized?

For me it’s not one thing but everything. True, I have my go to’s that always give an added jolt to the creative portion of my brain. Movies, books, and games, just to name of few, but the world around us is full of ideas that haven’t been discovered yet. The normal day to day things we do can lead to an amazing story.

I’ve been asked numerous times how I come up with the stories I write and the answer varies each time. When an idea is ready and you’re open to it, it can manifest from the simplest things. From taking a run, listening to music, or looking into the vastness of space. Nothing is off-limits.

That’s the best part about being a writer. We’re not limited to a set of guidelines that says you have to use this or that. Our creative minds, every little thing we see and everything we touch can transport us to a different time or realm. The key is to realize it and act upon it.

So remember to leave yourself open to the world around you. You never know what story or idea it might spawn.

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