Genre: Sci-Fi/ Action
Published:  2011Format: Digital/ Paperback

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After many years of lethal attacks committed by the Brotherhood and its sadistic leader, Kirill Rothin, the U.S. Government enlist its most highly trained and respected soldier, Captain Van Peterson, to join the Agent X Program. Directed by General Alan Bedford and his beautiful but calculating colleague, Jenny Walker, Van teams up with an old military associate from his past, Dominick Pain. Together, the two rivals head up the Alpha and Omega units and take aim at the brotherhood at a chemical plant.
When alliances are crushed and things turn from bad to worse, Van and his Alpha Unit quickly find themselves in a do or die situation, fending off treacherous foes and ruthless killers as a ticking time bomb destroys the plant.
A mutation quickly takes hold and transforms everyone, creating a struggle for power that will destroy lives and change the world forever.

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